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Join the vanguard of hospitals with a Service Evaluation of MSERV, the new pain management system. We are particularly welcoming hospitals who wish to put in a full working version in specific wards with a view to rolling out upon completion.

  • Available today
  • Mobile app and real-time dashboard
  • Designed to be used by patients and medical professionals
  • Improves patient experience and informs clinical decisions
  • Result of 5 year research and development project
  • Clinical trials at University College London Hospital (UCLH)

Hindawi PDFIn April 2021, a peer-reviewed journal article was published covering the clinical trials of MSERV. The article entitled 'An Interactive Pain Application (MServ) Improves Postoperative Pain Management' is available open access via Hindawi. To read the report, please click here

IASP PDFIn February 2020, MSERV was deployed for the first time in BT Customer Showcases located at Adastral Park, the applied research campus where world-first and world-leading technologies have been created. The ‘Pulse’ showcase has been through a refresh and MSERV now features with other amazing leading-edge technology. To learn more, please click here

IASP PDFClick here to download a PDF version of the academic poster presented Dr Brigitta Brandner and Richard Gordon-Williams at the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) 17th World Congress on Pain, Boston, MA, United States 12-16 Sept 2018.


Dr Martin Lees
Dr Martin Lees MBBS, BSc (Hons) Medical Informatics, FRCA, FFICM
NHS Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Brigitta Brandner
Dr Brigitta Brandner FRCA FFFPMRCA MD
NHS Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine
Dr Natasha Curran
Dr Natasha Curran FRCA FFPMRCA
NHS Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine
Frank Joshi
Frank Joshi BA
Director of Platforms
Joseph Spear
Joseph Spear MBA
Director of Communications

How It Works

Mobile App
Mobile App
Used by patient to enter data
Clinician Dashboard
Clinician Dashboard
Secure web interface for clinicians
Patient Management
Patient Management
Add, edit or remove patients easily
Data Analytics / Visualisation
Data Analytics / Visualisation
View and analyse your patient data
Workflow Management
Workflow Management
Display your patient metrics / workflow
Secure Login
Secure Login
Log in for authorised clinicians only
Technical Support
Technical Support
Available for customers for software support

MSERV delivers better outcomes for patients and clinicians through a highly secure information system.

  • Patients can use on their own Android or iOS powered smartphones
  • Optimised by clinical psychologists to make it easy for Patients to use
  • Clinicians access real-time analytics on a team board or through own computers
  • Fits immediately within a busy peri-operative environment
  • Add Patients pre-admission, in-ward, or post-discharge
  • Available today for deployment in hospitals and clinics

MSERV technology helps patients, pain teams and hospital administrators.

MSERV is a deep tech company which aims to assist Global Digital Exemplars and others in the NHS to deliver exceptional care, efficiently. It does this by producing digital answers to the most common problems – starting with pain management. With healthtech developed, tested and ready for use in peri-operative environments, MSERV will transform the experience for Patients, Pain Teams and Hospital Administrators.

From your hospital bed, using your own smartphone, you can simply and easily report you own pain score to MSERV whenever you like. Your scores are saved to your record and sent to the pain team. MSERV can give you helpful content to read about your type of operation. Some versions of MSERV come with videos to watch and even games to play that help you take your mind off the pain.
Pain Teams
Pain Teams
On or off the ward, you can see pain scores reported by your patients to MSERV in real time. The system can inform your decisions. Outcomes include a better care experience for the patient, reduction in the pain they feel, more timely treatment for pain as well as better routing for you. This means that before, during or after a busy ward round, you can look after your patients more quickly. You no longer need to worry about over- or under-reporting of pain.
Hospital Administrators
Hospital Administrators
With data analytics this powerful, nursing and consultant time can be better optimised and post-operative patient satisfaction improved. MSERV’s QOR-15 questionaire gives accuracy of feedback without being onerus for the patient or staff to collect. This means that the analysis MSERV delivers can contribute to CQUIN scores and could reduce length of stay for some patients.

Versions of MSERV are available for Acute and Chronic pain

Acute Pain
MSERV surpasses other mobile apps for its clinical research and rigour. Use of MSERV can contribute towards better management of Acute pain experienced by patients.

Click here to learn more about our clinical research by downloading a PDF of our poster presented at the IASP World Congress in 2018.

Chronic Pain
MSERV surpasses other mobile apps for its clinical research and rigour. Use of MSERV can contribute towards better management of Chronic pain experienced by patients.

Ask about the service evaluations we have already conducted.



MSERV offers researchers a powerful tool for Quality of Recovery-15 (QOR-15), the internationally recognised standard questionnaire.

  • Patient-facing mobile app
  • The first English language mobile app of its kind in the world
  • Use as standalone research tool or integrated with pain management system
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